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Thanks for being a big part of our Be The Icon Video Project! The video will be seen by upwards of 95,000 people at this conference alone, and is going to be a very fun project to be involved in!

Full details for submissions of photos, quotes, or videos:

All submissions should be received by 11:59 Central time on Sunday December 28th.

Coupon codes will be active until February 28, 2015.


A qualifying quote will earn you a 5% discount on any and unlimited Icon products on one transaction.

A qualifying quote:

Mentions an Icon product, and what you are able to accomplish with it.

May mention specific features you enjoy.

May mention how often you use it/how long you’ve had it.

Should show the product in a positive manner.

Includes your name and profession/school (if applicable).

Should not include a price point (unless noted as a raffle prize won).


(3) Qualifying photos will earn you a 10% discount on any and unlimited Icon products on one transaction.

Qualifying photos:

Show an Icon product and its user clearly.

Should indicate the purpose/use of the product.

Should show the product in a positive manner.

Should be high quality; properly lit. Please do not use a webcam.

Should not contain vulgar imagery, blood, nudity, or offensive subject matter.


A qualifying video will earn you a 25% discount on any and unlimited Icon products on one transaction.

Please email a link to YouTube, Google Drive, or Dropbox with your video.

A qualifying video:

Show an Icon product and its user clearly.

Should indicate the purpose/use of the product.

Should show the product in a positive manner.

Should be HD quality.

May be edited before submission.

Should not contain vulgar imagery, blood, nudity, foul language or offensive subject matter.

Should be no longer than 60 seconds.

Icon Digital USA cannot guarantee that each submission will appear in the final video, but will honor every qualifying submission. Icon Digital USA reserves the right to deem a submission invalid due to any of the outlined guidelines, or in the case where documents are corrupt or otherwise unusable, or for any other reason. Submissions in multiple categories will not earn the user more than one discount; Icon Digital USA will honor only the best of the discounts earned.  

REVIEW: Tom Jordan and the iKeyboard6

Tom Jordan talks about his experience with the iKeyboard 6


This is a review for the 61 key iKeyboard 6 MIDI controller. I'm a conservatory trained pianist with no connection to Icon or any other vendors.

It's been hard to find a light MIDI board with 61 full size keys and pro quality key feel. Roland A800Pro? Small keys (why oh why?) and shallow key travel in a plastic case. Novation 61SL Mk II? Better keys but I've never liked the feel of their velocity curves (black/white key sensitivities are different). Roland RD64 or StudioLogic VMK 161? Full size keys with hammer action and nice even velocity curves, but both weigh more and cost more than 88 key Yamahas and Casios that also have hammer action. Nord Electro 4D SW61? Probably the best option until now, but expensive and its onboard piano sounds can't match virtual pianos that run on your laptop like VI Labs True Keys American Grand or Synthogy Ivory American D.

That's all changed now with the Icon. I learned about it in a Musikmesse 2013 youtube video where Icon said this replaces the Neuron with a newly designed keybed and smaller form factor. I ordered one to give it a try, and what a surprise. The full size keys and linear velocity curve feel great, even better than the Novation and Nord which both use Fatar TP-9 keybeds but their own velocity curves. Icon makes their own keys and they've outdone Fatar. The Icon has a rugged metal case, impressive build quality and outstanding customer service. Compared to the Nord, it's 6 pounds lighter and one-tenth the price. By design it has a minimal set of DAW controls and if you want more, you may want to try their Logicon 6 Air instead. For my needs, this is everything I want and I sold my other 61 key controllers. That good. Highly recommended.



Experience perfection today! 

Buy the iKeyboard 6 - 61 key controller NOW

Donate 30% to Urban Community Arts Network


Icon Digital USA is partnering up with Madison Urban Community Arts Network, the originators of the Madison Hip-Hop Awards to help enrich the growing hip-hop culture in Madison, Wisconsin.


Urban Community Arts Networks' Mission is to empower and unify youth and adults through urban arts, specifically hip-hop.

Urban Community Arts Network's mission:

  1. Fostering creativity and collaboration in the local hip-hop scene by creating live music events in the community.
  2. Promoting professional growth through free or low-cost workshops and panel discussions featuring music industry professionals.
  3. Building sustainable and safe performance opportunities for all local hip-hop artists, regardless of lyrical content, by continuing discussions with City officials, Madison Police Department, and venue owners.


Want to support the Urban Community Arts Network by getting some great audio gear? 

Icon Digital is Donating 30% of your purchase to the Urban Community Arts Network!


From October 8 to November 11, anyone wishing to buy Icon products through will have the option of donating 30% of the purchase price (NOT profit) to this great local cause. 


Here’s how to do it: Enter the Icon product store here >

  • Browse products (salivate excessively)
  • Select the item(s) that tickle your fancy
  • Proceed to check out
  • Enter billing information at check out
  • Under Donation Options Select "Donate 30% to Madison Community Arts Network"


Wait by the door for the UPS man to bring your new gear!