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ICON Sponsors Beatmakers Brawl Judged by DJ Pain 1, D-Teck, & Chris “Godxilla” Taylor


ICON is proud to announce its involvement with the annual Beatmakers Brawl, hosted by the Urban Community Arts Network (UCAN).

Madison, Wisconsin’s hip hop scene is bustling with young talent eager to prove their production prowess. Collaboration is necessary, but crushing your opponent with a well placed kick drum is also pretty fun. First place winner is awarded $200 and an ICON i-Pad USB Mini Drum Pad!

Good luck to all contestants, but we all know luck has little to do with it. Bring your A game!

When: Saturday, May 23, 4 – 9PM
Where: South Madison Center for Culture and Community
633 West Badger Road Madison, WI.
All ages event!
$25 to battle, $5 to watch. Sign up here or pay at the door.
Free for those under 18.

This event is not-for-profit. Proceeds will support Urban Community Arts Network programming, which is designed to benefit the greater Madison Hip-Hop Community!

Click here to see the event page.

Liquid Rhythm Beat Generation Software Updates to Version 1.4.4


Beat generation software from WaveDNA, Liquid Rhythm has been updated to version 1.4.4. If you produce beats, here are some details you need to know:

Liquid Rhythm allows the composing and manipulating of your beat work-flow in note clusters, instead of by individual notes. It feels like you are “painting” the kick drum or snare within your music. It provides a more visual representation to beat production, creating an entirely new feel for studio producers like you.

And guess what? Liquid Rhythm version 1.4.4 supports direct integration with our iConPad MIDI controller for full hands on beat creation. Our Beat Bundle promises an entirely new experience in beat production through precise intuitive control of Liquid Rhythm Intro version 1.4.4.

Here are more improvements and fixes by version 1.4.4 listed on WaveDNA’s site:


Denver, CO Progressive-Rock Outfit Solterra

The 4-piece instrumental prog-rock band from Denver, Colorado Solterra mixed their album “Future Man” with a QCon Pro and we could not be more proud about it.

“Future Man” is a 7 track compilation journey through tireless progression and carefully planned dissonance. The album never lets up, giving it the feel of one long journey. “Future Man” moves with you, and does not distract. One could easily listen to the entire thing while focused on the task at hand, like an album review!

Each song was tracked, mixed, and mastered by Solterra’s own, Chris Dreiling and Evergroove Studio’s Brad Smalling. “Future Man” feels like a smooth riding vehicle through a rain storm; precise musicianship coupled with high energy and the right tools to fuse them together.

Dreiling tweeted to us expressing his appreciation for the QCon Pro and its mixing capabilities, prompting us to find out everything we can about these guys. Solterra has since been featured in ICON’s Encourage The Arts video, and we’re more than optimistic about their upcoming projects.

“Future Man” can be downloaded on donation basis from the Bandcamp player above.

The iCreativ: It’s Your New Favorite MIDI Controller!

The iCreativ is a professional computer, music, and DAW Controller. This revolutionary MIDI controller has a touchscreen with six different modes for multiple applications. An AirLight infrared controller provides mappable “hands free” parameter control


This Just Made Beat Production Crazy Simple

Icon Digital and Liquid Rhythm Ad 2

We’re happy to introduce a brand new beat production collaboration experience between ICON Digital USA & WaveDNA!

Our Beat Bundle provides a powerful and surprisingly fast software solution for creating beats in a whole new style. The iConPad controller offers hands-on manipulation of many core and extended features of the Liquid Rhythm software, allowing fast and complete control of your beats like never before.


ICON Encourage The Arts – This Is How We Innovate Music Education

California Charter School Receives Music Equipment Donation

1Learn 4 Life, a constantly growing network of public charter schools has signed up another high school to be on the receiving end of Icon Digital USAs Encourage the Arts program. Desert Sands Charter High school in Lancaster, CA believes that part of its unique mission is to personalize the learning process to meet the ability, pace and interest of the student.

Looking into the development of new interests in music programs, Desert Sands noticed their student interests began reflecting trends in recording and electronic music. With a clear vision in mind, Desert Sands reached out to Icon Digital USA expressing the need for equipment that would continue to keep students interested in music education and fulfill the need to support their newly developed curriculum. (more…)