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Who is ICON Digital USA?
ICON Digital USA is a Wisconsin based company, providing “one stop” solutions for musicians, media/audio enthusiasts, and engineers. We are committed to working with schools and educational institutions to offer solutions to declining arts budgets.

How Can ICON Help Your School?
Giving back to our communities is a priority with ICON Digital USA. To that end, we have four programs specifically targeted for schools.

encourage the arts-01

Our first level of support is ICON’s “ENCOURAGE THE ARTS” Program, providing you with a custom mix of reduced or no-cost product.

Teachers are dedicated professionals, working tenaciously to find new and cost-effective ways to provide the resources that will engage students and develop their critical skills. This on-going challenge gets bigger as budgets get smaller. ICON’s Encourage the Arts Program can help 6-12 and higher education administrators and educators provide students with the most innovative music production tools available.  At no cost to schools or taxpayers, students have access to the tools they need. Click for more information.


school incentive program-01

Our second level of support, ICON’s “SCHOOL INCENTIVE PROGRAM”, returns 10-20% of online sales that reference your school.

ICON products are available to students, instructors and peers exclusively through our web-based sales engine. Your school will receive a direct financial benefit in the form of a rebate paid quarterly (up to 20%),
when the student body, school staff, family and friends reference the school when they purchase ICON products directly from the ICON Digital website. Click for more information


education direct-01

Our third level of support is ICON’s “EDUCATION DIRECT PROGRAM”, providing students and educators with product at a discount.

ICON products are available for a 20% off discount to students and educators for personal and professional use with the goal of encouraging and advancing careers in music education programs. With this program students are able to purchase products at a price otherwise not available. Click for more information.



Our fourth level of support was created primarily to address your organization’s fundraising activities…

ICON offers an innovative approach to fundraising opportunities for your organization, featuring ICON’s personal items. Scan Series headphones, Plug & Play items and more. This presents an opportunity to replace or augment your existing program with a more appropriate concept in fundraising for music and performing arts programs. Stimulate new interest in your fundraising activities with popular, cutting edge products that are used by many. Click for more information.


We’re here to help.

E-mail us at Allow us to share our enthusiasm for these products, help you generate incentives (rebates) for your school, and breathe new life into your fundraising projects.