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Encourage The Arts

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Our first level of support is ICON’s “ENCOURAGE THE ARTS” Program, providing you with a custom mix of reduced or no-cost product.

Teachers are dedicated professionals, working tenaciously to find new and cost-effective ways to provide the resources that will engage students and develop their critical skills. This on-going challenge gets bigger as budgets get smaller. ICON’s Encourage the Arts Program can help 6-12 and higher education administrators and educators provide students with the most innovative music production tools available.  At no cost to schools or taxpayers, students have access to the tools they need.

To qualify for Icon’s Encourage the Arts program Please fill out the Encourage the Arts Qualification Information sheet and email to we will get back to you shortly after.

Once we have received the information, we will schedule a meeting with teachers and school officials to gather information about the types of products determined to be most useful to the school program. During the meeting or shortly thereafter, the school will receive a list of items that will be made available to the school at no charge or reduced pricing. This handpicked list will include those items considered useful to the curriculum, students and staff.

School understands that all product outlined in an addendum like the one below have been selected by Icon Digital to include items useful to the curriculum, students and staff as described in discussion with teachers and school officials.


Product Addendum EXAMPLE: 

Model No.      Product Description       Retail Value 
Neuron 6     61-note velocity-sensitivity piano style keyboard      $249.00
iKey     Mini USB 25 key velocity-sensitive synth- action keyboard      $64.99
SPD-01     Sustain foot pedal or Momentary FS controller      $20.00
iCover     Aluminum cover for iKey (Red, Pink, Blue, Black, Silver)      $19.00
SX-4A     4″ Active Monitor (Pair)      $136.50
SX-6A     6″ Active Monitor (Pair)      $409.98
SB-100     Studio Monitor Stands – 5.5 and below (pair)      $50.00
HP-240     Closed, dynamic studio reference headphones      $44.99
HP-360     Closed, dynamic studio reference headphones      $62.00
D1     Dynamic Microphone w/on-off switch      $39.99
MicU Solo     USB Recording Interface      $150.99