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Summer Workshops for Music Technology


Starting June 22, Nationally certified music technology authorized instructor for TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Education), John Kuzmich is kicking off a summer series of Music Technology workshops! These workshops are available for graduate-level college credit in Golden Colorado or via videoconferencing.

With several years of experience in Music Technology John hopes these workshops will help educators become more proactive in implement Music Technology in classrooms. In addition these workshops are full of knowledge that will help in curriculum development and course understanding.

There are 10 workshops available throughout the summer. Three of the workshops in August are Free, but make sure you’re following the instructions carefully when registering to receive the free workshop.

These workshops will be taught using the Studio In A Box by Icon Digital USA. This bundle provides an Easy One Stop studioinabox-600x400shop for the right mix of electronic media and recording tools for students, teachers, producers and engineers looking to create, mix and record music. The Studio In A Box was created to help educators and higher education programs with understanding recording and electronic music. John will demonstrate in his workshops why this bundle is the perfect bundle to use with kicking off music technology in the classroom.

When signing up for these workshops you will receive a discount on Icon’s Studio In A Box  as well as a discount on Datasonics software.

For further information:

Head on over and join a workshop today!

Denka Studio’s New Addition to Studio.

Icon has recently been in contact with Denka Studio’s a music recording studio in Denmark. Studio owner, Denis “Denka” Effendic is a well-experienced engineer, mixing and mastering specialist,72e1c151cb947fafb73261b449361a0d songwriter, producer and beta tester for a variety of music software companies, after years of experience the studio was founded in 1999.  To read more about Danka Studios visit the Studio Website.

Just recently Denis got his hand on Icon’s QCon Pro and QCon EX and the addition to Denka Studio has helped Denis move forward with production, not to mention the unit looks fantastic in his studio! After test driving the QCon Pro Denis shared his experience with us.

“The first time I heard about Qcon controller was about 5 years ago when I was looking for new DAW controller as an add-on to my trusty Digidesign Command 8. Unfortunately, the original Qcon didn’t have HUI implementation so it was incompatible to use with Pro Tools, which is the DAW I have used for many years. Another problem was the fact that Command 8 wasn’t able to work together with any other HUI based DAW controllers except DIGI002/003 consoles. The only choice I had was to go with EUCON based controllers so at first I bought Euphonix MC Mic and a year later by Euphonix MC Control and MC Transport when Command 8 showed its mileage.

I have enjoyed the EUCON protocol idea for the past couple of years but have never enjoyed the hardware side of Euphonix (lately known as AVID Artist Series) controllers. To make a story short, I never liked them and considered them overpriced toys toward “hammer proof” trusty Command 8 that I was missing a lot.

2-3 weeks ago, the LED screen of my MC Control died and I didn’t want to repair it or buy its successor Artist Control nor the additional Mix. After spending some time on the net in the search for new controllers, I had two obvious choice: Mackie Universal Pro or Icon’s latest QCon Series. The choice was easy to make especially after I’ve read a thread on GearSluts forum where Icon Digital USA customer support person Rob jumped in providing really helpful and knowledgable explanations that helped Qcon’s owners and potential customers (my case)!

Icon Qcon PRO, QCon EX extender and one excellent accessory, Icon Cube Hub has been with me here for about two weeks and I‘m very pleased to say that the QCon Series has completely fulfilled my expectations. 11203104_1083709198310625_7375593157557850315_nBoth units work great with my Pro Tools HD12  system, it was piece of cake to make workaround to known HUI limitations with extenders by not engaging “Always Fill Channel Strips when Banking” in Pro Tools (Mixing) Preferences so I can easily manipulate sends or flip sends on the last tracks by moving them to Qcon Pro.

” I’ve finally got a solid, robust, well-designed successor to my old & trusty Command 8 DAW controller after 4-5 years of waiting.” 

QCon Series owners must be aware of one important thing to get rid of the potential freezing Qcon Pro: always use powered hub to avoid possible lack of power, if like me you have tons of  USB gears connected. It will also give you enough power to update firmware on your Macs. I’ve learned it the hard way: Icon Cube Hub doesn’t come with power supply and I was having a lot of freezing of Qcon Pro in Pro Tools in the first couple of hours when using it and wasn’t able to update firmware from 1.05 to 1.09 on my Mac Pro so I had to use Windows PC to update. I found later one spare universal power supply and connected it to Cube Hub and bingo-ringo: Qcon never froze after that and I could then update the firmware on Mac Pro. So, one thumb down to Cube Hub not being sold with power supply, though it’s so nicely designed and fit great on the back panel of unit (behind movable scribble strip).”

We look forward to seeing what kind of work will come out of Denka Studios experience with the QCon Pro and QCon EX!

Want Legal Music Software But Low On Cash?

badgeThe International Music Trade Association (IMSTA) brings together music software brands all around to showcase solutions for students with shallow pockets. ICON will be set up with both MAGIX and WaveDNA displaying the P3 Bundle and Beat Bundle.

IMSTA aims to offer multiple convention shows for music software and hardware companies to display affordable value with their products in the form of bundles or reduced pricing; their motto being: “Do the right thing: Buy the software you use.”

ICON will be at all four IMSTA shows. Come say hi or follow the journey on our Twitter feed.


Scheduled shows:

Los Angeles, CA – SAE Institute – 6700 Santa Monica Blvd
5/16 (11:00am)

IMSTA Los Angeles Event Highlights
– Network with “heavy hitters” in the music industry.
– Get hands-on with the latest music production products on the market.
– Learn tips & tricks from knowledgeable product specialists.
– Acquire unique insight into the music industry by attending educational panels featuring Music Industry experts.
– Learn, exclusively, one-to-one in Master Classes.
– Win Raffle or Door prizes from an exhibiting audio technology company.
– Attend the Songwriting Competition judging panel at the end of the day

Chicago, IL – SAE Institute – 820 N Orleans St #125
6/25 (Time TBA)

New York, NY – SAE Institute – 4, 218 W 18th St
9/26 (Time TBA)

Toronto, ON – Ryerson U – 350 Victoria St, M5B 2K3, Canada
10/17 (Time TBA)

Head on over to The International Music Trade Association’s site for more info.

Outfitting Music Education Programs: LeRoy Elementary


LeRoy Elementary has been included on our roster of schools we help “Encourage The Arts.”

The young creatives of today are the visionaries of tomorrow. Studies from have shown that music education provides numerous benefits for development, it is imperative for ICON to provide a support structure for the kids and their school systems molding the minds to create positive change.

The kids get to play with iKey Pro’s, iDJ, a MicU interface, a Neuron 5G2 keyboard, DJ-180 headphones, and a U1 microphone. The DJ-180 headphones are used every day with their electronic music and guitar classes. We’ll be in close contact with LeRoy Elementary as we begin this joint venture to Encourage The Arts.

ICON Sponsors Beatmakers Brawl Judged by DJ Pain 1, D-Teck, & Chris “Godxilla” Taylor


ICON is sponsoring the annual Beatmakers Brawl, hosted by the Urban Community Arts Network! (UCAN)

Madison, Wisconsin’s hip hop scene is bustling with young talent eager to prove their production prowess. Collaboration is necessary, but crushing your opponent with a well placed kick drum is also pretty fun. First place winner is awarded $200 and an ICON i-Pad USB Mini Drum Pad!

Good luck to all contestants, but we all know luck has little to do with it. Bring your A game!

When: Saturday, May 23, 4 – 9PM
Where: South Madison Center for Culture and Community
633 West Badger Road Madison, WI.
All ages event!
$25 to battle, $5 to watch. Sign up here or pay at the door.
Free for those under 18.

This event is not-for-profit. Proceeds will support Urban Community Arts Network programming, which is designed to benefit the greater Madison Hip-Hop Community!

Click here to see the event page.

Liquid Rhythm Beat Generation Software Updates to Version 1.4.4


Beat generation software from WaveDNA, Liquid Rhythm has been updated to version 1.4.4. If you produce beats, here are some details you need to know:

Liquid Rhythm allows the composing and manipulating of your beat work-flow in note clusters, instead of by individual notes. It feels like you are “painting” the kick drum or snare within your music. It provides a more visual representation to beat production, creating an entirely new feel for studio producers like you.

And guess what? Liquid Rhythm version 1.4.4 supports direct integration with our iConPad MIDI controller for full hands on beat creation. Our Beat Bundle promises an entirely new experience in beat production through precise intuitive control of Liquid Rhythm Intro version 1.4.4.

Here are more improvements and fixes by version 1.4.4 listed on WaveDNA’s site:


Denver, CO Progressive-Rock Outfit Solterra

The 4-piece instrumental prog-rock band from Denver, Colorado Solterra mixed their album “Future Man” with a QCon Pro and we could not be more proud about it.

“Future Man” is a 7 track compilation journey through tireless progression and carefully planned dissonance. The album never lets up, giving it the feel of one long journey. “Future Man” moves with you, and does not distract. One could easily listen to the entire thing while focused on the task at hand, like an album review!

Each song was tracked, mixed, and mastered by Solterra’s own, Chris Dreiling and Evergroove Studio’s Brad Smalling. “Future Man” feels like a smooth riding vehicle through a rain storm; precise musicianship coupled with high energy and the right tools to fuse them together.

Dreiling tweeted to us expressing his appreciation for the QCon Pro and its mixing capabilities, prompting us to find out everything we can about these guys. Solterra has since been featured in ICON’s Encourage The Arts video, and we’re more than optimistic about their upcoming projects.

“Future Man” can be downloaded on donation basis from the Bandcamp player above.

The iCreativ: It’s Your New Favorite MIDI Controller!

The iCreativ is a professional computer, music, and DAW Controller. This revolutionary MIDI controller has a touchscreen with six different modes for multiple applications. An AirLight infrared controller provides mappable “hands free” parameter control


This Just Made Beat Production Crazy Simple

Icon Digital and Liquid Rhythm Ad 2

We’re happy to introduce a brand new beat production collaboration experience between ICON Digital USA & WaveDNA!

Our Beat Bundle provides a powerful and surprisingly fast software solution for creating beats in a whole new style. The iConPad controller offers hands-on manipulation of many core and extended features of the Liquid Rhythm software, allowing fast and complete control of your beats like never before.


ICON Encourage The Arts – This Is How We Innovate Music Education