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Summer Workshops for Music Technology


Starting June 22, Nationally certified music technology authorized instructor for TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Education), John Kuzmich is kicking off a summer series of Music Technology workshops! These workshops are available for graduate-level college credit in Golden Colorado or via videoconferencing.

With several years of experience in Music Technology John hopes these workshops will help educators become more proactive in implement Music Technology in classrooms. In addition these workshops are full of knowledge that will help in curriculum development and course understanding.

There are 10 workshops available throughout the summer. Three of the workshops in August are Free, but make sure you’re following the instructions carefully when registering to receive the free workshop.

These workshops will be taught using the Studio In A Box by Icon Digital USA. This bundle provides an Easy One Stop studioinabox-600x400shop for the right mix of electronic media and recording tools for students, teachers, producers and engineers looking to create, mix and record music. The Studio In A Box was created to help educators and higher education programs with understanding recording and electronic music. John will demonstrate in his workshops why this bundle is the perfect bundle to use with kicking off music technology in the classroom.

When signing up for these workshops you will receive a discount on Icon’s Studio In A Box  as well as a discount on Datasonics software.

For further information:

Head on over and join a workshop today!