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Denver, CO Progressive-Rock Outfit Solterra

The 4-piece instrumental prog-rock band from Denver, Colorado Solterra mixed their album “Future Man” with a QCon Pro and we could not be more proud about it.

“Future Man” is a 7 track compilation journey through tireless progression and carefully planned dissonance. The album never lets up, giving it the feel of one long journey. “Future Man” moves with you, and does not distract. One could easily listen to the entire thing while focused on the task at hand, like an album review!

Each song was tracked, mixed, and mastered by Solterra’s own, Chris Dreiling and Evergroove Studio’s Brad Smalling. “Future Man” feels like a smooth riding vehicle through a rain storm; precise musicianship coupled with high energy and the right tools to fuse them together.

Dreiling tweeted to us expressing his appreciation for the QCon Pro and its mixing capabilities, prompting us to find out everything we can about these guys. Solterra has since been featured in ICON’s Encourage The Arts video, and we’re more than optimistic about their upcoming projects.

“Future Man” can be downloaded on donation basis from the Bandcamp player above.