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Liquid Rhythm Beat Generation Software Updates to Version 1.4.4


Beat generation software from WaveDNA, Liquid Rhythm has been updated to version 1.4.4. If you produce beats, here are some details you need to know:

Liquid Rhythm allows the composing and manipulating of your beat work-flow in note clusters, instead of by individual notes. It feels like you are “painting” the kick drum or snare within your music. It provides a more visual representation to beat production, creating an entirely new feel for studio producers like you.

And guess what? Liquid Rhythm version 1.4.4 supports direct integration with our iConPad MIDI controller for full hands on beat creation. Our Beat Bundle promises an entirely new experience in beat production through precise intuitive control of Liquid Rhythm Intro version 1.4.4.

Here are more improvements and fixes by version 1.4.4 listed on WaveDNA’s site:


– Support of VST 3.0 API in addition to VST 2.0
– Support for Livid Base 2
– Direct support for iConPad hardware controller (built-in factory MIDI mapping presets)
– Support for Bitwig Studio
– Loop region and playhead sync are fixed
– Fixed fatal Bitwig crash after closing LR
– General VST stability improvements to the base code
– Support for FL Studio (Windows only)
– Support for Sonar Platinum (Windows only)


– Loading a MIDI Mapping file into Standalone could cause a crash. The table that showed the current MIDI mapping was inefficiently accessing the data while the load was occurring.
– Using the MIDI Mapping-specific Shift Beat Sequencer MIDI controls could cause a crash. Also, the UI update after they function would linger, and not update the borders around themselves.
– The Rename MIDI device would occur visually in the MIDI Mapping table, but wouldn’t actually allow the use of the device in that rename mode immediately (without a restart of Liquid Rhythm). This has been fixed, rename devices are immediately usable.
– MIDI note timing issues for VST in Studio One 2 (OS X).
– Audio issues when deactivating the Liquid Rhythm plugin in Studio One 2 and Cubase 7.5 (OS X only).
– Repaired the code signature for Windows so it is not blocked by anti-virus systems.
– Repaired Lemur MIDI mapping problems.

Click to see our Beat Bundle of Liquid Rhythm Intro version. 1.4.4 & the iConPad Controller.